Being a homeowner is no easy task. 

There’s always something to do around the house and winter only adds more to do your to-do list. Many Colorado Springs homeowners begin preparing for the harsh winter days  by clearing out their gutters, cleaning their chimneys, buying a snow shovel or snow blowers and servicing their heating systems are only some of the things you must do as a homeowner. 

But what about your home’s sewer and drain system?

These two features are essential to your Colorado Springs home running well and without proper maintenance during and before the winter season, you could be in for a costly repair.

As we head into the winter months in Colorado Springs, here are some tips to help keep your sewer system and home free of damage.

Run Your Faucet During A Cold Front

Sewer & Drain Maintenance Colorado SpringsOne of the most common known problems during a particularly cold winter is frozen sewer lines. 

While there are various ways that you can keep your sewer lines safe during the winter, running water during a cold front is probably one of the easiest ways to do this. 

Now, this doesn’t mean that you need to have your sink going at full speed. 

A simple trickle will act as a relief valve for the pressure that will build up if your pipes do become frozen. That small trickle can prevent frozen pipes from cracking and causing even a larger problem.

Tip: Choose a faucet where the drain is not on the exterior wall of your Colorado Springs home. If you choose a sink with a drain on the exterior wall, the drain can freeze and your sink will overflow while you sleep.

Shovel Snow Out of the Way

While you’re shoveling snow out of your Colorado Springs driveway and sidewalk, don’t forget to clear the snow off the top of your sewer vents.

A buildup of snow can create a blockage in your vent causing sewer gases to be released into your home.

In addition, that pile of snow that you may think will just melt away, will make its way into your drains. Water that is flowing through your pipes can freeze if it reaches under 32 degrees fahrenheit, which is extremely common during the cold winters here in Colorado Springs. This can lead to damages such as cracks or even breaks.

Disconnect Your Hoses

It’s so easy to forget about the things we can not see. Such as the hoses outside of your home.

A hose left outside will freeze. 

You may be wondering how that can affect your home, well, if your hose is connected to the faucet ice can back up into the pipe inside your house. Ultimately, this can lead to cracked pipes.

Better to be safe than sorry, disconnect all your hoses and put them into storage until winter has passed.

Shut Off Your Water If You Leave Town

Winter means the holidays have arrived, and while you may be looking forward to spending time with your family, don’t forget to protect your sewers before you leave.

Before you leave town turn the water off at the main shutoff. 

This will ensure that if there is a severe cold front while you’re away, your frozen pipes don’t crack and you’ll have much less damage than you otherwise would. 

Tip: Don’t forget to also turn off your ice maker in your fridge. Leaving it on will burn out your motor leaving you with another headache.

Continue Regular Sewer & Drain Maintenance

While there are specific one-off things you can do to protect your sewer lines during the winter, it’s still important to continue your regular maintenance. 

Check to see if your sewer lines are showing warning signs that they’re due for maintenance

Don’t put foods down your garbage disposal that can clog your drain – Find out what food you can and can’t put down your garbage disposal. 

Lastly, follow these 5 tips to avoid clogging your drains.

Work with a Sewer & Drain Company in Colorado Springs

We at Whitney Sewer and Drain Cleaning in Colorado Springs love to pass on our knowledge and tips to our customers to help them keep their home running smoothly.

However, even when you know how to keep your sewers and drains safe during the winter it still may not be enough. 

Accidents can always happen and when they do we’re here to help. 

If you need help making sure your Colorado Spring shome is ready to take on the cold days ahead or need a sewer line inspected, contact us for a FREE QUOTE today!