Full Service Line Inspections, Cleaning & Repairs from Whitney Sewer & Drain Cleaning in Colorado Springs

Sewer Cleaning Services with Inspections, Repairs and Replacements

We offer a specialized sewer service line cleaning which will remove blockages in your sewer lines.  If your drains are taking too long to remove waste and water, then it may be that they need cleaning. We use only the best in state-of-the-art drain and sewer cleaning equipment to make this happen.

We don’t just offer an excellent sewer and drain cleaning service, either. Our company provides full cleanout installations and back-water valve installations, as needed. Our highly-skilled Colorado Springs technicians are trained in repair, replacement, installation and cleaning – so you can be sure of a fast, effective service, every time you need us.

Why Clean Sewers and Drain Lines?

Here at Whitney Sewer & Drain Cleaning, we often get asked why maintaining the sewer systems below your home and out to the city main sewer is even necessary.  The truth is that all sorts of nasty bits back up the sewer system… but one thing is worse than all the others. Tree roots!

The roots of plants, particularly trees, that have been planted too close to your sewer lines, can be troublesome to your pipework. Tree roots are tough and long and will burrow deeper than you think to seek out water through joints or cracks in the sewer pipes.  Since your house drains sends its water and sewage out into these pipes, this can lead to a backing up and flooding of the entire system!

Tree and plant roots don’t always spell the end for plumbing, however. If you get regular maintenance to clean your sewer service line out, you can conserve the pipes. Preserving your sewer system leads to a gigantic saving in the long run. Replacement of pipes is expensive, time consuming, and generally involves taking a bulldozer to your garden.

Don’t get bulldozed. Have your drains serviced and inspected as needed and your sewer line serviced once a year (or twice a year) to prevent worse problems in the future. We will clear and replace anything inside the house.  If it runs under a slab floor or into a crawlspace or outside the house to the city main sewer – we can fix it.  If it is vital for connecting your home to the main sewers, call Whitney Sewer & Drain Cleaning.

We wouldn’t leave our own family with stopped up or damaged sewers and drains and we won’t do it to yours.

Do I Need My Sewers Cleaned?

If you are having issues with drainage or sewage that keeps recurring then you definitely need us. Call now, and one of the Whitney family will be in touch to solve your sewer line problems, as soon as possible.

If you are not sure, but have never maintained your sewer system, then we can find out for certain. Contact us and request our video inspection service.

Our video inspection service allows us to lower a fiber optic cable with a small camera through your sewer line. This camera can show us where, and possibly what, the blockage is. This could save you thousands of dollars in expenses by pinpointing the source of your issues.

Don’t forget our full-service sewer repairs also include the installation of cleanouts or a new back-water valve, should you need it. Cleanouts provide proper outside access to your sewer line so that we can clean the line toward your house and out to the city main sewer.  And the back-water valve prevents sewage from the city main sewer from backing up into and flooding your home.

When you choose Whitney Sewer & Drain Cleaning in Colorado Springs, you get exemplary customer service as the standard, every time.

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