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Exemplary customer service and detail-focused work ethics go hand-in-hand here at Whitney Sewer & Drain Cleaning. Our dedicated, hard-working Colorado Springs team is known throughout the state for their workmanship and commitment to client satisfaction. We like to think that we set the standard for customer care, so you can always trust us to complete the whole job.

Although we specialize in everything sewer & drain related, Whitney Sewer & Drain Cleaning also specializes in water service line repair or replacement in Colorado Springs.  A water service line comes into your house underground from the city main water service. Typically this service line is ¾” copper piping or galvanized piping.  Either of these pipes can become damaged, causing water to leak or causing low volume or pressure to your home. Sometimes this is seen with water surfacing in your yard or an extremely high water utility bill.  Whitey Sewer is equipped to repair or replace these damaged lines.

If we are performing a full-service drain or sewer cleaning on your property and we find a fault in the line – we won’t leave you hanging. Our technicians are fully equipped to deal with the situation. Our specialty video inspection equipment is designed to go down into the sewer line, letting us see straight to the heart of the problem.

Once an issue is located, it may be that the damage has already been done. As good as we are; we cannot predict where and when the damage will pop up.  What we can do, here at Whitney Sewer & Drain Cleaning, is repair the damage. This way, you get a start-to-finish service from us without having to source a separate repair firm.  When we determine that a sewer cannot be unstopped with our equipment, the next step is to visually inspect the sewer line and locate the point that the sewer machine cannot break through.  From this point, we are equipped to excavate the area to reach the sewer line, install new, high quality sewer piping, backfill and compact the ditch. To finish the project, we clean the job site.  We make sure that the entire job is done properly from start to finish.

When Do You Replace or Repair Existing Sewer Line Damage?

If you have a stoppage or break in the system that is causing a backup or damage in your house, then feel free to call us to repair that damage. We can repair and replace the sewer lines within your house all the way to the city main sewer and anywhere in between, whether you know where the leak is or not.

Signs you need your sewer line replaced or repaired are:

  • Frequent blockages in the line. You will notice this when roots have invaded the line, offset the line or broken the line. This may go away but will always come back unless your sewer line is repaired.
  • Gurgling in the drains – Although, this isn’t always the case, the drains can gurgle. This is a sign that there is a build-up of something, somewhere in the sewer line. Our video inspection  equipment can detect what is broken or clogged, and where in the main sewer the problem is.
  • A persistent horrible smell. Sewer stoppages can be particularly nasty because of all that bacteria, build up and waste.  If your system is blocked, you could smell something foul whenever you drain water away.
  • Damp, muddy patches around your property. If a sewer line is leaking outside of your house, it might present itself as damp spots on your lawn or driveway.
  • Flooding – When your sewer line is stopped up or broken, the water and waste cannot drain properly. When it cannot reach the city main sewer and has nowhere to go, all that nasty mess will back up into your home.

We here at Whitney Sewer & Drain Cleaning can handle any water or wastewater situation you throw at us!

Why Wait Until the Drain Breaks?

Instead of allowing a clog or roots to damage your sewer system, contact us the first time you hear that tell-tale gurgle. We will come to your home, inspect your sewer line, fix the problem and leave you with properly flowing drains again.

It is far easier to manage your system to prevent a blockage or break, than it is to repair or replace the damage afterwards. In the interest of keeping your sewer systems foul-free, we suggest an annual service line cleaning. Contact us today for more information, or to have that pesky drain taken care of.

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