Many people tend to take their sewer system for granted until it’s too late (i.e. your toilet isn’t flushing, sinks are backed up, etc.)

Problematic sewer lines can be catastrophic circumstances.

Help your Colorado Springs home’s drainage system stay in tip-top shape while keeping your home running better than ever. 

Here are 4 sewer maintenance tips to help you avoid a crisis.

1. Watch What You Put Down Your Disposal

If you’re guilty of shoving everything on your plate down the garbage disposal you’re not alone. 

Many believe that because it’s called a “garbage disposal” they can put anything down the sink, unfortunately that is not the case. 

While garbage disposals can help you get rid of some garbage that would stink up your home, such as certain veggies, small fish bones, and more; there are actually many types of food that you can’t put down the garbage disposal.

Check out our blog on what you can & can’t put down your garbage disposal.

2. Use a Sink Strainer

Sewer Maintenance Colorado SpringsIf your sink doesn’t come with a garbage disposal, or even if it does, buying and using a sink strainer is a great way to help prevent clogs.

Even if you try to get every scrap into the garbage and are cautious about what you put down the disposal — things tend to slip by occasionally leading to a catastrophe.

This is where the sink strainer comes in. 

By catching all of those stray pieces of food before they go down the sink you will be keeping your drainage system running smoothly.

3. Plan Your Landscaping 

Did you know your landscaping projects can greatly impact your sewers and drains?

Planting trees outside of your home can not only increase the value of your home, new trees can give your home shade, and provide curb appeal; however, trees can also do significant damage to your sewer and drainage systems. 

Placing trees too close to your pipes can lead to the roots growing into the pipes causing caustostropic damage. 

Trees, like any living thing, require water. When they are looking for a water source your sewer pipes are one of the first things that will nourish them. 

Be sure to put your trees a considerable distance away from your sewers and drain pipes and make sure to give them enough water so they don’t need to look for it elsewhere.

4. Get a Drain Video Inspection

If you’re purchasing a new home you’ll definitely want to get a drain video inspection before signing any closing documents.

A drain video inspection is not part of your regular mandatory home inspections, but without it, it can lead to just as many expensive repairs as those that may be found in your general home inspection.

Drain pipes are not seen and therefore usually forgotten about, but ignoring your drain pipes by eliminating an inspection can leave you blind to tree root issues, clogs, breaks, corroding, and much more. This type of damage leads to thousands of dollars in repairs.

Even if you already own your home, if you’re experiencing frequent blockages, inconsistent water pressure or foul odors, a drain video inspection might be necessary.

Don’t Wait, Call a Sewer and Drain Cleaning Company

The longer you wait, the worse things will get.

Don’t wait until your problem gets too big and ends up costing you more, call a sewer and drain cleaning company at the first sign of a problem.

Whitney Sewer & Drain Cleaning in Colorado Springs is a local, emergency drain cleaning company that specializes in drain and sewer cleaning and repairs, drain video inspections, and sewer line repair and replacement.

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