Something many Colorado Springs homeowners don’t realize is that the sewer lines that run from the house to the street is the homeowner’s responsibility not the city’s. Unfortunately, backed up sewers can cause havoc and can be quite expensive to repair or replace. 

Your sewer line is the heart of your home. It’s where all of the other plumbing lines connect to. Kitchen and bathroom sinks, yard drains, showers and toilets, they all lead to the main sewer system in your Colorado Springs home.

Though any home can have a back up sewer line, there are some ways to help you avoid clogging your drain. Also, there are still some homes that are more predisposed to a sewer emergency. 

Here are a few ways you can learn if your home is predisposed to sewer problems, and 4 signs that you need your sewer lines cleaned and how a scheduled drain line cleaning.

Is Your House Predisposed to Sewer Problems?

Yards With Trees

Sewer Maintenance Colorado SpringsThere’s something about big trees surrounding your Colorado Springs home that truly looks beautiful. 

However, it’s those grown trees that can cause troubles for your sewer line. Trees need water to live, and they do this by sending roots underground to get water and nutrition. Unfortunately, for you as the homeowner, your sewer line is an ideal water source. 

In fact, one of the most common causes of clogged and broken pipes in Colorado Springs is tree roots. They only need a small opening to get in the line, once inside they grow and widen eventually tearing it apart. Since this is underground, it is likely you will have no idea why your sewer is backing up until it’s too late. Sewer maintenance can be a preventative measure and can keep you from spending a lot more money in the long run.

Similar to tree roots needing to be cut back, once your house has had a sewer issue, it is likely that this will come back. Especially if you do not practice maintenance, both at home and professionally. The best defense against your continued sewer problems is a good offense. Once you’ve had a sewer issue, it’s important to practice preventative measures to get more years out of your pipes.

Older Homes

Lastly, if you live or just recently purchased an older home, it is important to practice sewer maintenance. The older your home is, the more that can go wrong. Not only outside, but inside. Grease buildup, food blockages, wet wipes flushed down the toilet, etc. Outside, changes in the soil, erosion and movement can cause “bellied pipes” this happens when a pipe starts sagging or sloping wrong and causes a buildup of waste and blocking your pipe from working properly.

This is why we advise prior to buying a home in Colorado Springs for the home buyer to get a video inspection on the drains, you never know what you’ll find down there and how expensive it can be.

Haven’t Had An Inspection In Awhile

All in all, preventative measures can save you a lot of headaches and expensive emergency calls. We typically recommend our customers to get their sewer lines cleaned once every year at the very least, especially if they do have various trees in their backyards, have had prior problems or live in an older home. 

4 Warning Signs That You Need Your Sewer Lines Cleaned

  • Gurgling sounds coming from pipes
  • Water around the floor drain in the basement
  • Slow drains, or drains that frequently clog.
  • Sewer odors, or the smell of sewage.

Sewer Line Maintenance in Colorado Springs

Preventative drain and sewer line maintenance can help Colorado Springs homeowners avoid costly sewer line blockages. 

Though you may not be able to see your sewers, you should treat it just like any other part of your home that you need to perform periodic checks such as your air conditioning, garage door, roof, etc. By providing your sewers the proper maintenance it needs you can save yourself thousands in repair and replacement costs.

Don’t wait until it’s too late, get your sewers maintenance today! Contact our team at Whitney Sewer and Drain Cleaning in Colorado Springs for a free quote today.