Video Inspection and Location Services for Sewer Drain Lines in Colorado Springs

Check the Sewer Service Line Before You Move Home

Our full video inspection and location service allows you to gauge how a sewer line will work – before you buy in Colorado Springs. Whether you are selling your property, buying a new property, or are a Realtor yourself, our video inspection system can save you some money.

Here at Whitney Sewer & Drain Cleaning in Colorado Springs, we use high tech cameras to go beneath the surface of a property.  We can ensure that the sewer is working properly, that the water and waste are flowing away from your home.  We can do all this at the location of your real estate agent’s choosing, before you agree to purchase.

Sewers don’t always show symptoms of a problem.  Often, we find we are not called in until drains are gurgling or hardly working or, worse yet, backing up and flooding a home.  Realistically, you should get your sewer service line cleaned out at least once a year.

High-End Video Inspection Equipment

We use advanced technology for sewer line inspections to assess the condition of a sewer line or pinpoint the location of the damages.  Once this has been completed, we can determine the best route to clean, repair or replace the sewer line.  New home buyers who haven’t had a sewer line video inspection service can often get stuck with the costs of a blocked system – even if it wasn’t their fault. It may be that the previous occupant was a single person who didn’t use much water and didn’t exhibit symptoms.  When they are replaced by a full family, problems can arise.

We can prevent this cost from falling on the new homeowners, by inspecting a property’s drain line with the best in video equipment. Our hardware is unique in that it must be made fully waterproof, or it would not last a single use.  It needs to be sophisticated enough to ensure a high-resolution feed transmits back to us on the surface, who can then act to remedy the situation.

Using the video equipment allows us to get a visual of the interior condition of the sewer line if the sewer line is not already stopped up.  If a visual inspection is not possible because of an existing break, we can locate the exact spot to begin the repairs.  This vital service allows you to be proactive and ultimately avoid suffering property damage if the sewers start to act up.  Being able to see exactly where the problem is in the line also lets us target the issue without digging up your whole new garden.

Do you need a sewer line video inspection in Colorado Springs?

If your sewers are acting up – we want to hear from you.  We can repair or replace drain lines or sewer lines.  That being said, our video inspection and location service is really aimed at certain groups of people.

If you are:

  • Experiencing frequent blockages in the line. You will notice this when roots have invaded the line, offset the line or broken the line. This may go away but will always come back unless your sewer line is repaired.  Our video inspection and location service will allow us to determine the best plan of attack to get your sewer flowing properly again.
  • Thinking of buying a house – sewer lines are important but, since they are underground and not visible, they are not checked as part of a routine home survey.
  • Selling your home – knowing that you are selling your Colorado Springs home with the sewer line in good, working condition so that the buyers don’t have issues. Don’t take the chance; hire a video inspection from Whitney Sewer & Drain Cleaning, instead.
  • Real Estate Agents – If you are selling or renting a property on a landlord’s behalf then an inspection service is recommended. This helps ensure that the sewer is in proper working order and that the property doesn’t get damaged from backups and flooding.
  • A landlord – you should have a video inspection of your sewer service line before every new tenant moves in. Again, tenants may try to hold you responsible for damage to personal property if drains fail. It is vital to have sewers in rental accommodations checked because you are not always there to monitor issues. When the sewer backs up into a home, worse damage may well ensue.

Call Whitney Sewer & Drain Cleaning Company now in Colorado Springs, and we can leave your home, rental property, or prospective new house, with sparkling sewers.

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