Full-Service Drain Cleaning, Maintenance and Repairs in Colorado Springs

A Specialty of Whitney Sewer & Drain Cleaning

Our full-service package for sewers and drains is designed to ensure the smooth, outward flow, of every drain in your Colorado Springs home out to your main sewer, all the way to the city main sewer.  We have dedicated ourselves to building both our knowledge, and our equipment, to contain everything we need to get your sewer and drains functioning properly. We use state-of-the-art camera equipment, for example, designed to locate blockages invisible to the naked eye!

We treat any drains in all the rooms of your house. This includes:

  • Bathroom drains – often, human hair is what clogs up the sink and shower in your bathroom. Toilets can get stopped up from flushing too much paper or any wipes.  Sometimes all three won’t drain and that can be an indication of a stopped up sewer.  We can unblock & clean all three and get you back to full flow.
  • Kitchen drains – kitchen sink and dishwasher drain lines can get stopped up from improper use of the garbage disposer, causing food particles and grease to get stuck in the lines. Sometimes the soaps and cleaning products can also build up causing stoppages or foul odors.
  • Laundry drains – The drain lines that your washing machine empties into can become clogged from debris, lint or detergent build up.
  • Floor drains – A stoppage in these drains can be difficult to notice since they are not used daily. These drains can get corroded shut under the floor, not allowing water to flow properly.
  • Full maintenance, cleaning of the sewer service lines – We can provide maintenance cleanings for your line or provide prompt cleanings for emergencies when blockages in the sewer system result in drains backing up into the house. Don’t let it happen to you and book a cleaning from Whitney Sewer & Drain Cleaning, today.
  • Repair/Replacement of sewer lines or drains – If any of the pipes or drain lines throughout your home are corroded, blocked, or damaged beyond repair, our full-service drain cleaning and repair package includes their replacement. We can either get them unclogged and cleaned out – or we will install new sewer lines or drain piping!

All our specialty equipment and industry-leading knowledge, however, can’t stop a blocked drain from doing damage over time. Let’s discuss what happens when you don’t perform maintenance on your service line and allow roots to cause permanent damage to the pipes.

Why Clean Your Colorado Springs Home Drains?

What happens if you don’t clean out the sewer and drain lines in your home? Over time, you will start to notice that the drains are not working quite as well as they used to, then it is time to call in the cleaners.

When you don’t have your drains cleaned, problems within your sewer service line can build up. If too much waste builds up or roots infest the line, the sewer will become clogged. This, in turn, might lead to a crack in old clay pipes or breakage between joints. If this happens, the cost of sewer service line repair can be huge.

As well as cracks, breaks, and clogs, drains not working can cause foul-smelling odors likely to drive guests out of your home. The smell is caused by a buildup of sludge, bacteria or waste in the lines.  When coupled with water or waste water damage from a leaking or burst drain pipe, this can cause serious damage to the foundations of your house.

The Whitney Sewer & Drain Standard

We can treat both the drain system in your home, and the sewer lines that those fixtures lead into. The highly skilled team here at Whitney Sewer & Drain Cleaning have years of experience in cleaning, repair & maintenance services, working to a high standard, with maximum commitment to customer satisfaction. We leave your sewer and drain lines flowing smoothly by providing proper diagnosis and the best solutions to those problems, whether it is cleaning lines or replacing them.

Call us today to have your drains and sewers cleaned or replaced.

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