The Whitney Sewer & Drain Cleaning Company in Colorado Springs

An All-American Backstory

Our professional home sewer and drain cleaning service is only possible because of our deep Colorado roots. Back before the exemplary sewer and drain cleaning service we offer today was even a concept; the name ‘Whitney’ was synonymous with quality workmanship throughout the state.

Our family has been behind the successful Whitney brand since Grandpa Waite opened the first shop in 1972. Waite Whitney brought his son up to be part of that self-same business venture. Before he was knee-high-to-a-grasshopper, Larry Whitney was helping his father make pioneering advancements in the field!

When Larry took over from Waite, it was after 20 successful years in the plumbing and heating industry. Larry is still running this family-owned business more than 40 years later… So, when we say the Whitney family knows their heating and plumbing systems – we really mean it!

Jason Whitney: Founder of Whitney Sewer & Drain Cleaning

This is the family that our founder was born into. It was one that cherished its hard-earned reputation for integrity, honesty, and old-fashioned family values. Jason was introduced to it as a young boy, learning to walk, learning to talk, and then learning how to wield a wrench like his forefathers.

It wasn’t long before Jason was rushing home from school to help in the workshop, man the office, or help his dad with repairs. By the time he was in high school, founder Jason Whitney was already sacrificing his weekends to call-outs and his evenings to emergency plumbing work.  He was born to it.  Some might even say it was in his blood.

After working through his school years, Jason leapt at the chance to join the family business. As time passed, however, he noticed the gap in the local market that pertained to sewage systems. Sewer and drain issues, it seems, are more common in Colorado Springs than anyone thought.

Jason saw his chance to fulfill a customer need and he took it… Just like Grandpa Waite did all those years ago. Our firm was born in 2003.  Jason hasn’t looked back since.

A Family Firm

At first, Jason managed everything at Whitney Sewer & Drain Cleaning in Colorado Springs by himself.  From answering the phone calls, to repairing busted sewer lines and drains; Jason did it all.  A year later his wife, Corinna, joined the business to manage the office duties. However, like everything in the Whitney family, the story continues.

Shane, Jason and Corinna’s oldest son,  joined the team in 2011, as soon as he was old enough. One day, he will carry the Whitney family torch into the future.  And maybe one day, he will get to leave Whitney Sewer & Drain Cleaning to his own son. Only time will tell.

The Whitney Promise

Here at Whitney Sewer & Drain Cleaning, we focus on providing excellent levels of service, from the first call to the conclusion of your project.  Whether the job is unstopping a toilet or replacing an entire sewer service line, Whitney Sewer provides the same high quality workmanship.  We have lifetimes of experience in providing distinctive customer service, without the high-pressure, impersonal sales tactics you might find elsewhere. We understand that your home is the apple of your eye, and we will treat it with the same detail-oriented, quality workmanship we would apply to our own.

When you choose Whitney, you choose knowledgeable, informative Colorado Springs technicians that are with you every step of the way.  They are not just highly qualified; they are also clean and neat. When you choose Whitney you always get impeccable results and the guarantee of industry backed experience.

There really is no reason not to choose Whitney.