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Let’s be honest, pipe problems are not fun — or pretty for that matter.

We’ve all probably dealt with the unpleasantness of a backed-up sink, clogged toilet, slow drainage, overflows, and usually people’s first instinct is to reach for Drano because we all love a quick fix.

However, you should think twice before you make that decision. Although Drano may cause temporary relief, it can cause further damage over time.

4 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Drano

4 Reasons to not use Drano

Drano Damages Plumbing Systems 

The chemicals in Drano continually produce heat until the clog is fully dissolved. This can cause your pipes to soften, as the Drano eats away at the glue holding the pipes together and eventually leads them to break.

When this happens, you will be left with a hefty cost for replacement repairs rather than a clogged drain.

Drano Can Burn Skin, Irritate Eyes, and Hurt Your Lungs 

Drano works by combining chemicals and burning/corroding any organic tissue.  If you use a plumbing tool such as a plunger, after using Drano, it can splash up and burn your skin, or worse get into your eyes.

The chemicals produced by Drano can also produce fumes that users breathe in and can infect your lungs. This makes conditions not only difficult for you but others as well.

Drano Is Not As Quick of a Fix As You Think 

While your problem may subside after pouring Drano, this is usually a temporary relief as the issue is likely to come back.

If you decide to use Drano as a quick fix but notice continuous clogging, it’s definitely time to call the experts.

For example, a fairly common problem are tree roots growing into pipes. This not only damages your pipes but wreaks havoc on your home. Drano certainly can’t shred and flush tree roots or replace damaged pipes. If your Drano solution isn’t doing the trick, chances are there’s a much bigger problem underneath.

Drano is Bad for the Environment 

Not only does Drano present potential bodily harm, but it’s also bad for the environment.

Drano contains lye and other extremely toxic materials that can make their way out of your sewage system and into rivers, streams, and oceans.

If you notice clogs and plumbing issues think twice about resorting to Drano. The experts at Whitney Sewer can identify and repair your drain and/or sewage problem plus we offer free quotes. Major clogs like hair, paper, wipes, and food need more than a liquid agent to get them flowing again, which is why you need a full-service solution.

There are a few telltale signs as to when you need to call a drain/sewage service.  These include frequent blockages, gurgling in the drains, a persistent odor, damp or muddy patches, and the dreaded flooding or “back up”. If any of these things are happening to you, store-bought products are not likely to fix the problem.

If you are experiencing any of these problems, contact Whitney Sewer and Drain before things go from bad to worse.  No matter how severe the issue is Whitney can solve it from start to finish, meaning you will work with one company for the duration of the project. If you do use Drano before reaching out, please let us know so that we can take extra precautions to not get it on skin or in eyes.

As soon as you hear that distinctive, dreaded gurgle, call up the pros rather than reach for the Drano. Your home will thank you for it.